Micro Music Laboratories – Research & Developement
Educational Music – R&D
Educational Music – R&D

.  The Technology of Human Forces

.  The Classical Scope of Music

.  The Universe of Musical Sound-Spaces

.  Authentic Conveyance of Truth

.  The Musical Career

.  The Creative Craft


.  The Dimension of Music

.  The Beginning and End of Creating Music

.  The Natural Seat of the Musical Creator

.  Control over the Composition

.  The Free, Inner, Formative Will

.  The Emperor of Music


.  The Study of Musical Creativity

.  Conventional Knowledge of Music

.  Modern Music Analysis


.  The Musical Performers and Their Laws

.  The Motif

.  The Masculine and the Feminine
     Musical Motif

.  Training the Free Formative Will

.  Motif Recognition

.  Motif-Technique

.  Power and Powerlessness of
     Musical Interpretation

.  Scenes from the Inner World
     of Human Evolution

.  Integration of Levels of Creativity

.  The Differentiated Apprehension
     of the Power of the Harmony

.  The Perfection of the Formative Forces
     in Music

.  The Melody

.  The Manifold Shape of the Melody

.  The Path of the Human Character
     in the Musical Form

.  The Sequence in Music

.  The Gate of Harmony to the Outer Music



.  Supreme Musical Knowledge

.  Safeguarding the Individual Path of Life

.  The Deeper Musical Sense

.  The Concept of Space in Music


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